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Forthcoming Visit 27 March to 27 April

For those who wish to train with Nigel Sutton in the UK here are the dates for his visit starting next month:
Friday, March 27 Arrives in London

Saturday, March 28 Training day in London
Sunday, March 29 Training day in London

Saturday, April 4 Training day in Sussex
Sunday, April 5 Training day in Devon

Saturday, April 11 Training day in Harrogate
Sunday, April 12 Training day in Harrogate

Saturday, April 18 Training day in East Midlands
Sunday, April 19 Training day in East Midlands

Saturday, April 25 Training day in London
Sunday, April 26 Training day in London

Monday, April 27 Leaves for Malaysia


For all you members out there: after January’s excellent Pondering, Article, etc from Nigel we have another selection this month:-

Nigel Ponders about “The State of Western Tai Chi”

Nigel has written an article – “On Gradings and Tests”

And of course we have the next instalment of his 10 Part Cheng Man Ching course – now at Part 8

And even more videos from Nigel’s collection

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Following on from last months Pondok Pondering on ‘Making Progress’ (undoubtedly one of the best ever!) we have another invaluable one for the keen martial artist from Nigel this month – ‘Hua is Fa’.

As usual these are only available for members. Not a member, then click here to join for a few pence a day or get someone else to click and get you that really useful Christmas present instead of the usual pair of socks!

And of course, amongst other things, we have the next instalment in Nigel’s new 10 series on the Cheng Man Ching form. Want to check you’re doing the form as Cheng Man Ching would have wished or want to take it to the next level with Nigel as your own personal teacher then click here to join the membership site.



A new Pondok Pondering is available for Members where Nigel talks about “Why do Tai Chi if you’re never going to fight”

And for those who haven’t joined yet you can hear the first 2 minutes by going to the Centre menu then Showcase or clicking here.

In the next couple of weeks you will be able to hear the start of all of Nigel’s Ponderings and read the first part of all his Articles and see samples of many of his Videos.


Eight new videos have just gone on line – Broadsword, Jian, Fast Form, Spear, 2 person San Shou, Umbrella, Walking Stick. Lots more to follow from Nigel Sutton’s extensive collection. Not a member? Why not join now!

Nigel’s new 10 part series on the Cheng Man Ching 37 posture Tai Chi Form – Part 4 just released – become a member and see them all.
Also a new Pondok Pondering and a new article available in the next few days.
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Cheng Man Ching in 10 parts

In the last month Nigel has recorded a new 10 part series on the Cheng Man Ching 37 posture Tai Chi Form.
This will be available to Members over the next few months. Already available are – Introduction, Fundamentals and Part 1 & 2. As you can probably see 2 extra videos were added at the end as a bonus, so this new 10 part series actually has 12 parts! For students of Cheng Man Ching you can not afford to be without this.

The ideal practice at home resource!

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In the last two months Nigel has added a lot of new content to his Membership site.
There is a ‘must read’ interview with Master Koh Ah Tee.
There are a number of new Ponderings (Nigel talking about all aspects of Zhong Ding martial arts).
You can listen to Nigel talking about Wu De – the code that we should all be following.
You can also hear Nigel just ‘Hanging Around’ and why it is so important!

You will also find a number of new videos on many of the forms we do in Zhong Ding. Need to check how your form is looking, this is the place to be. Want to see videos of forms which are not yet here – drop us a line from using Contact menu and we will see what we can do.

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A bumper crop for Zhong Ding Centre Members – 2 Articles and 2 Ponderings and more extracts from Nigel’s book. Remember these are only available to members.
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