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Cheng Man Ching in 10 parts

In the last month Nigel has recorded a new 10 part series on the Cheng Man Ching 37 posture Tai Chi Form.
This will be available to Members over the next few months. Already available are – Introduction, Fundamentals and Part 1 & 2. As you can probably see 2 extra videos were added at the end as a bonus, so this new 10 part series actually has 12 parts! For students of Cheng Man Ching you can not afford to be without this.

The ideal practice at home resource!

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In the last two months Nigel has added a lot of new content to his Membership site.
There is a ‘must read’ interview with Master Koh Ah Tee.
There are a number of new Ponderings (Nigel talking about all aspects of Zhong Ding martial arts).
You can listen to Nigel talking about Wu De – the code that we should all be following.
You can also hear Nigel just ‘Hanging Around’ and why it is so important!

You will also find a number of new videos on many of the forms we do in Zhong Ding. Need to check how your form is looking, this is the place to be. Want to see videos of forms which are not yet here – drop us a line from using Contact menu and we will see what we can do.

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A bumper crop for Zhong Ding Centre Members – 2 Articles and 2 Ponderings and more extracts from Nigel’s book. Remember these are only available to members.
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Nigel Sutton’s blog – keep checking for new articles on all aspects of Nigel’s life of Martial Arts.
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Another section of Nigel’s book ‘Fighting Taijiquan’ added to Member’s area – book not available anywhere else!
3 videos added to Member’s area

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Zhong Ding New Dawn

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Nigel & Fong are presently visiting the UK from their home of Penang, Malaysia.
They are touring the country and teaching seminars on various aspects of martial arts.
Fong is also teaching classes on Chinese Calligraphy.

New Article and Pondering from Nigel will be on-line today. Not a Member? Sorry but Members only!

Also, all the moves of Cheng Man Ching Form spoken in Chinese & English. Again Members only!

Also!!, the next Chapter of Nigel’s book – Fightng Taijiquan. Yes, you guessed it!

Do you practice Da Lu? Look out for the new videos of Master Koh.

Again, another month of content worth the whole year’s subscription on its own!

Once again this month, more not to be missed ideas, thoughts and Ponderings from Nigel.

There is a new podcast from Nigel talking in his pondok -

‘Better than me’ – recorded just a few weeks ago during the 25th Anniversary celebrations

There is also an article from Nigel -

Honesty and the Dao

And there is another excerpt from Nigel’s book ‘Fighting Taijiquan’ where Master Lau Kim Hong continues to talk about his life and martial arts.

In this, the 25th anniversary year of Zhong Ding, what better time to join Nigel’s membership site and gain access to his enormous wealth of information collected over the last quarter of a century. And at £35 a year or less than £3 per month it is a bargain not to be missed.