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Zhong Ding 30th Anniversary Extravaganza 11th – 28th August 2017

Please note the new dates

Information now in the Events menu

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Nigel & Fong Visit

Their next visit is from 22 October to 13 November 2016

Lots more details nearer the time

Zhong Ding 30th Anniversary Extravaganza 11th – 25th August 2017

Information now in the Events menu

Zhong Ding 30th Anniversary Extravaganza 11th – 25th August 2017

Information about this coming soon – keep checking!

Nigel & Fong visit

The visit starts tomorrow in London and then moves around the UK for the next 3 weeks.

27 & 28 February London

5 & 6 March Nottingham

12 & 13 March Harrogate

19 March Devon

20 March London


Happy New Year
from Nigel & Fong

2015 was a busy year here in Penang with numerous events for the young students in Zhong Ding including a residential course over the New Year at the Zhong Ding Centre.

Zhong Ding goes from strength to strength in Penang and looks to grow even more in 2016.

This month sees more resources, for those of you who are members of the site, including Nigel talking about weapons.


As well as all the Ponderings, Articles and Videos already on the site for members there are new files every month. For example this month as well as a new talk from Nigel there are seven new videos.
In Penang, Malaysia this month saw a brilliant and very successful childrens wushu competition.

For all you Members out there Nigel has just posted his final video in his new 10 Part series (containing 12 videos!)  of the Cheng Man Ching 37 posture form.
Also there is a new Pondok Pondering where Nigel talks about Xingyi and Bagua and their place in Zhong Ding.
And there is a new Article to read about Tests in Chinese martial arts.
So lots of excellent material for the serious Zhong Ding Member.

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Forthcoming Visit 27 March to 27 April

For those who wish to train with Nigel Sutton in the UK here are the dates for his visit starting next month:
Friday, March 27 Arrives in London

Saturday, March 28 Training day in London
Sunday, March 29 Training day in London

Saturday, April 4 Training day in Sussex
Sunday, April 5 Training day in Devon

Saturday, April 11 Training day in Harrogate
Sunday, April 12 Training day in Harrogate

Saturday, April 18 Training day in East Midlands
Sunday, April 19 Training day in East Midlands

Saturday, April 25 Training day in London
Sunday, April 26 Training day in London

Monday, April 27 Leaves for Malaysia


For all you members out there: after January’s excellent Pondering, Article, etc from Nigel we have another selection this month:-

Nigel Ponders about “The State of Western Tai Chi”

Nigel has written an article – “On Gradings and Tests”

And of course we have the next instalment of his 10 Part Cheng Man Ching course – now at Part 8

And even more videos from Nigel’s collection

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