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Nigel Sutton’s blog – keep checking for new articles on all aspects of Nigel’s life of Martial Arts. Click here to read

New Article and Pondering from Nigel will be on-line today. Not a Member? Sorry but Members only!

Also, all the moves of Cheng Man Ching Form spoken in Chinese & English. Again Members only!

Also!!, the next Chapter of Nigel’s book – Fightng Taijiquan. Yes, you guessed it!

Do you practice Da Lu? Look out […]

Wushu Competition

As some of you might know our Tenby International School and Han Chiang High School Students will be representing their Schools to take part in Wushu competition on the 27th Jan 2013 at Gurney Plaza, Penang.

This event is organised by Penang State Wushu Association and sponsored by Gurney. Six of the students are […]

Zhong Ding Penang Schools’ Wushu Residential Course

Our New Year Wushu Residential Course at our centre has finally come to an end . All of the students, the youngest aged 7 and the oldest 12 , from both Uplands and Tenby International Schools worked very hard .

Everybody had fun.

Congratulations to all of you who passed the next grading and don’t […]

Xmas Training

Christmas is a very special time of year for me, as it is the time when my training becomes both the most physically intense and the most mentally deep. Why this should be, I am not sure. I think, however, that there are two main reasons. The first has to do with the nature of […]

Latest Update

At present we are very busy, in the last week of the Intensive Baguazhang course, while also entertaining trainees from Germany and the UK studying silat and taijiquan respectively.

As you would expect there has been plenty of hard work, the occasional overnight training session and also fun in large measures.

Baguazhang trainees have been […]


Nigel & Fong are leaving tomorrow to teach at the Zhong Ding France annual event.

Immediately on their return is the Baguazhang Intensive course at The Centre in Penang.


Silat Students

Currently undergoing an intensive four week course in Silat Melayu at the Penang Training Centre are two students from the UK and Canada respectively.

Nigel’s visit to UK

Nigel & Fong are presently visiting the UK & France for 3 months.

During their time here they are visiting all areas of England, running seminars and visiting students.

Nigel is also spending 11 days in France.



Zhong Ding offers you a unique opportunity to experience the Martial Arts of China, Malaysia and the Philippines in one place.

Whether it be Tai Chi, Bagua, Hsing I, Escrima, Silat and many others this is the place for you.

Learn from some of the finest Martial Arts teachers with over 30 years experience.