Zhong Ding 30th Anniversary Extravaganza 11th – 28th August 2017

This experience of a lifetime, will be a celebration of the establishment of the first Zhong Ding class in Ealing, West London in 1987. Since that time, Zhong Ding students and teachers have spread across the world with classes and training groups now to be found not only in the UK, but in Ireland, US, Europe, India and South-east Asia. During the thirty years that Zhong Ding classes have been active, the lives of thousands have been touched by the “Zhong Ding Experience”.


Now you too can immerse yourself totally in this experience in the birthplace of the Zhong Ding Association, Malaysia – the beautiful tropical island of Penang. Come along and experience for yourselves the friendly atmosphere, knowledge, skill and friendship; plus all the endless fascination and excitement available for you during your fourteen night stay at a four star beach resort.


What then is this “Zhong Ding Experience”?

First time visitors to Zhong Ding classes are always impressed by the friendly welcome that they receive. The instructors are knowledgeable, skilful, and above all else approachable. Soon they realise that not only are they are part of an organization that teaches taijiquan in groups all over the world, but that it also teaches whole range of related arts. Through continued study, they make new friend; have new experiences; often broaden their horizons and embark on a fascinating voyage of physical, social and cultural discovery.

During your time in Penang you will have the opportunity to train daily for up to six hours with some of the world’s leading masters of Zhengzi , Taijiquan and other arts. There will be banquets, demonstrations and opportunities to visit and train with the island’s premier world-class martial artists. And don’t worry there will also be plenty of time for sightseeing, jungle-trekking, messing around in boats, jet skiing, parascending , shopping in up-market Malls, enchanting night markets and exotic bazaars and, of course just chilling out by the pool.

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On a typical day there is early morning qigong and taiji practice on the beach followed by the lavish breakfast buffet. The rest of the morning is taken up with various seminars providing training and learning experiences for all levels of participant. Then in the afternoon it is free time, although extra training is also available for those who want still more…

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The price for this experience is £1500 (English pounds) per person based on two sharing and covers: accommodation, breakfast buffet, all training, transport and admission to Celebration Events and Banquets. (Family discounts and single room supplement available on application.)

Serious students who wish to extend their stay by one week before or one week after the event or both and undertake intensive training at the Zhong Ding Training Centre can do so. Places are limited and on a first come first served basis.