Nigel has studied Martial Arts since he was thirteen years old and has trained extensively and intensively with a number of different teachers. He is a lineaged disciple of:
Tan Swoh Theng (wuzuquan and taijiquan)
Tan Ching Ngee (Zhengzi taijiquan)
Lee Bei Lei (Zhengzi taijiquan)
Lau Kim Hong (Zhengzi taijiquan)
Ho Ah San (Zhengzi taijiquan)
Gao Ji Wu (baguazhang, xingyiquan, yiquan)

He is also:
Senior student of Liang He Qing (traditional wushu, taijiquan)
Student of Fu Chang Hui (Chen style taijiquan)
Khatami under Md. Hasyim (Silat Lian Padukan)
Student of Azlan Ghanie (Silat Melayu Kris Lok Sembilan)
Initiated student of Zainal Abidin (Silat Tua, Krabi Krabong)
Student of Eric Olavides (Eskrima DECampo JDC-IO)

Nigel has studied, researched and taught in Europe, China and Southeast Asia and is the author of a number of books. He has also written articles for most of the major international martial arts magazines.
He currently, lives in Malaysia, where he practices a wide range of traditional martial arts and makes a living as a writer. This is also the location for the Zhong Ding Training Academy in Penang, where Nigel delivers residential training courses, in a range of disciplines, throughout the year.
Nigel also visits the UK regularly to train with his students, delivering seminars and overseeing competitions.

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