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Silat Students

Currently undergoing an intensive four week course in Silat Melayu at the Penang Training Centre are two students from the UK and Canada respectively.

Silat Tua

Silat Tua – Martial Art of Nusantara (1)

Although the martial art known as silat is most often associated withIndonesiaandMalaysia, similar arts are in fact found throughout the Southeast Asian region known in Malay as Nusantara.

The art featured in this article is currently being practiced and taught in the islandof Penang off the […]

Training Centre

Why we teach

Our approach is one that preserves and passes on the traditional teachings, passed down from generation to generation, with a particular focus on enabling the individual student to achieve their full potential.

Our classes are small and informal so that lessons may be tailored to meet the needs of the individual. Indeed we specialise in […]

25th Anniversary

Nigel Sutton will be hosting the Zhong Ding 25th Anniversary Festival in Penang, Malaysia in the Summer of 2013. The Festival will take place in a four star hotel over fifteen days, fourteen nights and will feature daily training with Zhong Ding Masters and Technical Advisers, demonstrations, banquet and an international competition. As with […]


Tan Mew Hong

Tan Mew Hong has been practicing martial arts for more than 25 years and practices and teaches Taijiquan (Zhengzi and San Feng styles), Jing Wu forms, Baguazhang, Eskrima and Silat. A senior student of the late Master Liang He Qing, Fong, as she likes to be known, is committed to […]

The Centre

At Zhong Ding we cater for all ages from 4 to 80 and beyond!

We offer:

Fully qualified and experienced instructors Daily classes Children’s classes from 4-16 in many of the Penang schools Weekend seminars Residential courses Courses designed to meet your needs Affordable prices to suit all budgets Classes in Tanjung Bungah, Balik Pulau […]