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Train and learn in a positive and professional environment where you will be guided to discover your own “warrior within”.



Physical and Mental Conditioning




Mental acuity

Goal setting and Achievement

Put the centre and the balance back in your life with the confidence that warrior training brings.

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What we teach

We teach the traditional martial arts of China and the Nusantara (Southeast Asia) Region.

We specialise in Applied Taijiquan, Liang Style Chinese Martial Arts, Silat Tua, Krabi Krabong (Traditional Thai weapons training) and Eskrima.

We also offer courses in Chinese Baguazhang and Xingyiquan, Silat Kuntao Java and silat Lian Padukan.

Our teachers are initiated teachers […]

25th Anniversary

Nigel Sutton will be hosting the Zhong Ding 25th Anniversary Festival in Penang, Malaysia in the Summer of 2013. The Festival will take place in a four star hotel over fifteen days, fourteen nights and will feature daily training with Zhong Ding Masters and Technical Advisers, demonstrations, banquet and an international competition. As with […]


Nigel has studied Martial Arts since he was thirteen years old and has trained extensively and intensively with a number of different teachers. He is a lineaged disciple of: Tan Swoh Theng (wuzuquan and taijiquan) Tan Ching Ngee (Zhengzi taijiquan) Lee Bei Lei (Zhengzi taijiquan) Lau Kim Hong (Zhengzi taijiquan) Ho Ah San (Zhengzi taijiquan) […]

The Centre

At Zhong Ding we cater for all ages from 4 to 80 and beyond!

We offer:

Fully qualified and experienced instructors Daily classes Children’s classes from 4-16 in many of the Penang schools Weekend seminars Residential courses Courses designed to meet your needs Affordable prices to suit all budgets Classes in Tanjung Bungah, Balik Pulau […]