Meeting with a Master – Intro

Meeting with a Master

It has been more than a year since I last met Master Koh Ah Tee, and, as I was visiting Kuala
Lumpur and he was free, we arranged to get together. I have known Master Koh now for
nearly two decades, having first been introduced by our mutual martial arts brother Master
Wu Chiang Hsing. Over the years I have seen his art mature and grow and his skill level rise
ever higher and higher. Master Koh and I are both disciples of Masters Tan Ching Ngee and
Lau Kim Hong, and Master Koh is also a disciple of Taiwan’s Wu Guo Zhong. Throughout his
martial arts journey Master Koh has been driven by a burning desire to get to the heart of the
skills of Grandmaster Zheng Man Qing. This is what prompted him to gain initiation with
three teachers, all from the same lineage, but with different levels of connection to the
Grandmaster himself. Now Master Koh would be the first to admit that the path he now
treads is one that is guided by his own experience and research. Once the small talk was
over and we had caught up with each other’s family news it was time to ask him some of the
questions that my own training and research had thrown up…………………..

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