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Core Principles of the Form

Core Principles of the Form

Taijiquan as an art is the physical embodiment of the taiji, the constant interaction of yin
and yang. As a universal philosophy the taiji describes everything that exists in terms of
being either predominantly yin or yang but also as containing the opposite. This philosophy
also describes how when Yang reaches its peak it gives birth to Yin and vice-versa. The
famous taiji diagram shows that this is a constant process and it is this constant process that
the taijiquan form translates into physical movement.
Research: Find out all you can about Daoist philosophy. Read the Daodejing (Tao Te Ching)
as well as related works like the Sunzibingfa (Sun Tzu’s Art of War). Read the taijiquan
If we understand that the taiji describes the way things are then we must also see that
mastery of taijiquan is becoming what we already are. It is not a process of chasing after
something that is out there, of perfecting movements or training skills ……………..

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