Our approach is one that preserves and passes on the traditional teachings, passed down from generation to generation, with a particular focus on enabling the individual student to achieve their full potential.

Our classes are small and informal so that lessons may be tailored to meet the needs of the individual. Indeed we specialise in tailoring courses specifically to meet your personal requirements.

Whether you are a beginner, keen enthusiast of advanced exponent seeking instructor training we have courses to offer you.. From weekend courses to ongoing classes, from month-long intensives to year-long training programmes, at Zhong Ding we have the training experience to suit you.

Art for Living Art of Life

The traditional martial arts of Asia offer a challenging arena in which to explore and experience the lessons of the past and their applications in the living present. More than sophisticated fighting techniques, these arts offer the opportunity for you to undertake a journey of self-exploration, to learn about courage, perseverance, self-discipline and your own physical and mental potential.