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Exciting times at the Zhong Ding Training Centre in Kuala Sungai Penang. As we prepare for the second Penang Schools Wushu championships to be held on June 16th, we are also hosting two visiting martial artists from the Philippines, Maestro Ned Nepangue MD and Master Richard Uy. Together with two students from Britain they are polishing their skills in Zhengzi taijiquan, while also sharing their own native arts.
On Sunday June 10th, a visiting delegation of taijiquan exponents, led by Master Wong of the North South Shaolin Temple, Penang, came to visit and an impromptu demonstration session ensued followed by some spirited pushing hands which was, of course, punctuated with plenty of tea drinking. Our Filipino visitors proved splendidly that their own sensitivity and flow training was perfectly applicable in a pushing hands situation.

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